Wisconsin Valley
Improvement Company

Cedar Falls Campground Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The following are WVIC responses and in some cases policies regarding questions we commonly receive about the use of the Cedar Falls Campground facility.

1. Who/what is WVIC?- WVIC (Wisconsin Valley Improvement Company) is a publicly chartered, privately owned company which owns and operates 21 storage reservoirs in the Wisconsin and Tomahawk River basins. The Willow Reservoir is operated as part of the Wisconsin River Reservoir System to maintain as uniform a flow as practicable in the Wisconsin & Tomahawk Rivers and a reasonable balance among the benefits the water resource provides including water conservation, flood control, low flow augmentation, hydroelectric generation, water quality, wildlife and recreation. For more information, visit www.WVIC.com. WVIC owns and operates the Cedar Falls Campground. WVIC is tasked with equally considering the health of the environment, recreation, flood control and industry in the operation of the reservoir system.

2. What is the Cedar Falls Campground ATV Policy?- Cedar Falls Campground ATV/UTV Policy: To maintain the historic character of the campground and user experience, All-Terrain Vehicles (ATVs) (four-wheelers, three wheelers, dirt bikes etc.) and Utility-Task Vehicles (UTVs) are not allowed to be operated inside the campground whether for a mode of transportation or for access/egress to the trail system or road. An ATV and trailer parking area is provided in the east parking lot, a short walk across the bridge from the campground. The trailer and ATV parking area is for paying Cedar Falls Campground campers only. An "Overflow Parking Pass” will be issued for a fee for campground patrons utilizing the east parking area. - ATVs/UTVs may enter into the campground only if they remain stored on the truck or trailer it was transported on. The east parking lot can be used as a loading/unloading area for Cedar Falls campers with ATVs. - Upon arrival, please consult with the Cedar Falls Campground host to inform him/her if you plan to store a trailer or ATV/UTV in the east parking lot or store it on a trailer or truck at your campsite. The campground host will issue the Overflow Parking Pass for a fee.

3. What are we going to do about the bog?- Wisconsin DNR and WVIC have received many inquiries about the bog from users of the Willow Flowage. At this time, given the ecological value as well as the practical and logistical difficulties with the size, weight, and location of the bog, WVIC and DNR have no immediate plans to actively engage in any efforts to move, destroy or otherwise compromise the bog in an effort to dislodge it from its present location. While the current positioning of the bog is inconvenient for recreationalists, especially those staying at Cedar Falls Campground or using the Cedar Falls boat launch, there are many other access points available to access the flowage on both sides of the bog. In addition, the bog has sporadically moved throughout history, and when the wind and water level conditions are suitable, the bog has relocated naturally without intervention in the past and will likely move again in the future. It’s important to note that WVIC has no authority to unilaterally move, alter, or destroy the bog as it is owned and managed by the DNR on behalf of the State. WVIC continues to discuss the situation with the DNR regularly and will keep the campground users informed of any developments.
4. Why can't seasonal campers leave stairs on the site in the offseason? - WVIC wants to avoid a sense of individual "ownership" of campsites, in recognition that WVIC lands, including Cedar Falls Campground, are open to the public under our Federal Energy Regulatory Commission  (FERC) license.  In addition to removing stairs, WVIC will also be enforcing removal of all camping rugs, carpets or associated pads from sites following the camping season.