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  Wisconsin River Centennial Canoe Trail               
The Wisconsin River Centennial Trail was established in 2007 to commemorate WVIC’s 100th year of coordinating flow on the Wisconsin. The primary purpose of the trail is to provide users of the Wisconsin River information and visual representation of all the portages on the Wisconsin River along with descriptions of amenities along the river important to canoeists and kayakers.  Originally, 23 maps were developed to cover the entire river, and 27 aerial maps of individual portages were developed with assistance provided by member companies. Permission was obtained from several townships, counties, communities and the State of Wisconsin to place mile marker signs at obvious landmarks along the river. 56 mile marker signs were placed from Lac Vieux Desert down to Prairie du Sac. The Lower Wisconsin State Riverway Board denied permission to place any signs in the LWSR. Signs were placed at take-out locations at every portage, on several bridges or on the right-of-way, and at other locations where placement was advantageous to river users.


In 2020, staff completed an update of the entire information network and mapping system for the WVIC Wisconsin River Centennial Trail.  The new system includes an interactive GIS mapping application system with information for recreational users embedded into the mapping system.  The new system allows extended customization for using and printing the data.  There are still information sheets available for each "stretch” of river as was initially done and the portage maps have been updated and represented in color.  The .pdfs are available for individual download on the bottom of this page and are also embedded into the mapping system for an interactive experience.  Additions to the system include USGS gauges with links for flows as well as added amenities and recreational opportunities represented along the river.  The GIS application is also usable on mobile devices with which you can use your location to place yourself on the river and in relation to any nearby amenities, campsites or other features.  Please take some time to explore the new system and feel free to contact us with any questions or feedback.  


Check out WVIC's updated version of the Centennial Canoe Trail on this GIS Application: 
Information for new map system:
  • All information sheets, attractions, campgrounds etc.. have been updated on the new interactive GIS map.  There have also been new attractions and features added to the map such as USGS gauges for flow information.
  • All information is embedded/linked into the map to help you interactively plan a canoe trip and print your desired information. 
  • The old style overview maps were not duplicated; rather, you can print any extent of the map you choose using the application, making it customizable to your specific trip.  Just zoom to the extent you would like to print, and click on the print icon.  *Note: not all features on the map are visible when zoomed out.
  • You can access the information sheet for each section of river by zooming out until you see the orange boxes delineating the sections of river.  Click inside the orange box, then on the "more info" link to view the complete information sheet for that river section.  All of the information sheets are interactive with hyperlinks as well.
  • Customize your planning/viewing by changing the basemap.
  • Use the "track location" icon to pinpoint your location with your phone or other device while you are planning or out on the river to help you track your progress and plan your stops!
  • Use the legend to differentiate between Point of Interests.
**Please report any broken links or deficiencies you notice in the field to sblado@wvic.com.  This system was primarily built from a computer desk and any updates you can provide from real world experience and conditions will help us improve the overall product. 

All old information for the Centennial Trail is available in the graphic below:



Maps, Details and Photographs

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