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**Cedar Falls Campground will remain closed to all transient and first come first served camping until further notice.  Contracted seasonal campers will be allowed to camp with restrictions starting Thursday, May 21, 2020. Current as of 07/30/2020


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Wisconsin Valley Improvement Company

Since its birth in Wisconsin's Progressive Era, the Wisconsin Valley Improvement Company has been a pioneer in natural resource management. Privately owned and financed, it is the publicly chartered and regulated steward of one of the state's greatest resources, the Wisconsin River.

Founded by industrialists to provide "as uniform a flow as practicable" in the river for papermaking and power generation, WVIC very quickly learned that it could not manage the river solely for industry. The needs of lakeshore property owners, the tourist industry, pioneer agriculture, the northern forest and aquatic wildlife also had to be considered. As a result, the Wisconsin Valley Improvement Company was dealing with the complexities of multi-use management of a natural resource decades before the environmental awakening of the 1970s.

By the 1990s, the definition of stewardship had expanded to include river and lake ecology, shoreline maintenance, recreation, even archaeological preservation, plus the necessity of keeping the people of the Valley informed.

Wisconsin Valley Improvement Company's mission is to operate the Wisconsin River Reservoir System to maintain a uniform flow and a reasonable balance among the benefits the water resource provides.

We recognize that the Wisconsin River and the reservoir system are important natural resources and accept a stewardship role on behalf of all beneficiaries, including water conservation, flood control, low flow augmentation, hydroelectric generation, water quality, wildlife and recreation.

To accomplish our mission, we will cooperate with others and continually apply advances in technology which make the system more efficient and accountable.

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