County E to Merrill Dam

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Mile marker signs on maps correspond with actual signs placed on the river. Mile markers are typically located on the right side of the bridges and at portage take out sites.


No signs were placed in the field at these locations but they were placed on the map for reference.

Map 1 Mile 0124 Mile 0124 Mile 0138

- General Description
o Miles 122 - 124 (Lincoln County E to Grandfather dam) Go through the narrow Grandfather Flowage to the diversion channel (canoe trail) on the left
o Miles 124 - 126 (Grandfather dam to Camp New Wood) Short paddle with current dependent on release from Grandfather dam
o Miles 126 - 134 (Camp New Wood to Alexander dam) Scenic paddle through easily navigated Posey Rapids and more challenging Bill Cross Rapids, then enter Alexander Flowage with heavy boat traffic
o Miles 134 - 137 (Alexander dam to STH 64) An easily navigated rapids just below the dam, many small islands and another easy rapids just before the city of Merrill
o Miles 137 - 138 (STH 64 to Merrill dam) Go through residential & industrial development in the city of Merrill

- Portages (see portage maps by clicking on the dam symbol)
o Mile 124 Grandfather dam - Paddle the diversion channel to a 1/3 mile portage trail (left)
o Mile 134 Alexander dam - Portage around the dam and follow the trail & a road in Council Grounds State Park for about 800' to the designated put-in site (left)
o Mile 138 Merrill dam - Portage take-out at the end of a cement wall to a 600' trail (left)

- Landings suitable for take-out or put-in
o Mile 124 Access below Grandfather dam with parking available (left)
o Mile 126 Camp New Wood County Park boat landing with parking available (left)
o Mile 131 Lokemoen Road public boat landing (left)
o Mile 134 Council Grounds State Park boat landing (left) & WPSC boat landing off Sunset Drive (right)
o Mile 137 City of Merrill boat landing at Ott's Park (right)

- Camping
o Mile 126 Lincoln County - Camp New Wood Park with 7 sites
o Mile 134 Wisconsin State Park- Council Grounds with 55 sites

- Other amenities
o Mile 126 - Camp New Wood County Park with water available, boat landing, restrooms, picnic area & shelters (left)
o Mile 134 - Council Grounds State Park with picnic areas, hiking trails, restrooms, boat landing, beach & water available (left)
o Mile 137 - Ott's Park with water available, boat landing, restrooms, ball fields, picnic area & shelter (right)
o Miles 137 through 138 - Many businesses in Merrill

- Flow Information - For flow information on river flow below Grandfather, Alexander and Merrill go to http://www.wisconsinpublicservice.com/environment/hydrodata.aspx.