Rhinelander Dam to Kings Dam

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Mile marker signs on maps correspond with actual signs placed on the river. Mile markers are typically located on the right side of the bridges and at portage take out sites.


No signs were placed in the field at these locations but they were placed on the map for reference.

Map 1 Mile 080 Mile 080 Mile 087 Mile 0104

- General Description
o Miles 080 - 082 (Rhinelander dam to USH 8) Go through residential & industrial development in the city of Rhinelander
o Miles 082 - 087 (USH 8 to Hat Rapids dam) Attractive stretch through calm waters
o Miles 087 - 091 (Hat Rapids dam to Whirlpool rapids) Natural & scenic shorelines with numerous riffles and minor rapids lead to the Class II rapids
o Miles 091 - 099 (Whirlpool rapids to Lincoln County A) Left side of the island is short & straight but drops several feet, right side has longer rapids with many boulders. Fast water ends below Menard Isle. River widens with increased boating activity.
o Miles 099 - 104 (Lincoln County A to Kings dam) Lake Alice with heavy boating activity & challenging westerly winds

- Portages (see portage maps by clicking on the dam symbol)
o Mile 087 Hat Rapids dam - 500' well marked portage to a rocky put-in (left)
o Mile 091 Optional portage at Whirlpool rapids - 300' over an island through difficult rocky terrain
o Mile 104 Kings dam - 500' portage on a groomed & signed trail (right)

- Landings suitable for take-out or put-in
o Mile 087 Hat Rapids Hydro off Hat Rapids Rd gives access to the portage route (left)
o Mile 091 Access above Whirlpool Rapids off Camp 10 Road (left)
o Mile 099 Private landing at County A bridge maintained by tavern & grill (right)
o Mile 100 Public landing on Horseshoe Rd off Lincoln County A (left)
o Mile 104 Access below Kings dam off King Rd (left)

- Camping
o Mile 100 Private campground - "Sure-Wood Forest" on Lake Alice (right)

- Other amenities
o Mile 099 - Tavern & grill at County A bridge (right)
o Mile 100 - Tavern & grill at Sure-Wood Forest Campground (right)

- Flow Information - For flow information on river flow below Hat Rapids go to http://www.wisconsinpublicservice.com/environment/hydrodata.aspx.