Whiting Plover Portage to Expressway Bridge

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Mile marker signs on maps correspond with actual signs placed on the river. Mile markers are typically located on the right side of the bridges and at portage take out sites.


No signs were placed in the field at these locations but they were placed on the map for reference.

Map 1 Mile 0218 Mile 0222 Mile0222 Mile 0218

- General Description
o Miles 206 – 211 (Whiting Plover portage to Biron flowage) Carefully navigate fast water and rocks below the dam. Stay to the right of the group of large islands for the shortest route. Rocky Run and Mill creeks empty in on the right marking the upper end of Biron flowage.
o Miles 211 – 218 (Biron flowage to Biron dam) Lake canoeing in the narrow 2,078 acre, 7 mile long flowage
o Miles 218 – 222 (Biron dam to Wisconsin Rapids dam) Go around either side of Big Island, the channel is on the left but the right shoreline is more scenic
o Miles 222 – 223 (Wisconsin Rapids dam to Expressway bridge) The river continues through the city of Wisconsin Rapids with numerous islands in this section

- Portages (see portage maps by clicking on the dam symbol)
o Mile 218 Biron dam – Take-out on the steep riprapped bank and proceed down the dike to a trail for a ¼ mile portage into the right channel (right)
o Mile 222 Wisconsin Rapids dam – Take-out upstream of the railroad bridge to begin the over 1 mile long portage through Wisconsin Rapids to the put-in next to the Elks Club (a map is posted at the take-out) OR call for assistance (715)422-3303 but be aware that it might take some time dispatching a vehicle (left)

- Landings suitable for take-out or put-in
o Mile 207 Blue Heron Lane boat landing (right)
o Mile 209 Galecke Park boat landing (left)
o Mile 216 – North Biron Drive boat landing (left)
- River Road boat landing (right)
o Mile 219 South Biron Drive boat landing (left)
(More access sites available on Biron Flowage & Wisconsin Rapids Flowage)

- Camping
o Mile 211 Private campground – “Ridgewood Campground (715-344-8750)” (left)

- Other amenities
o Mile 209 – Galecke Park with boat landing, beach and picnic
o Mile 219 – South Biron Drive with boat landing and accessible fishing pier (left)
o Mile 220 through Mile 224 – Many businesses in Wisconsin Rapids and Wisconsin Rapids surrounding area.

- Flow Information – For flow information on river flow below Wisconsin Rapids go to http://www.cwpco.com/CWPCoDB/Daily_River_Report.aspx” or on this website go to Flow Forecasts under Wisconsin River http://wvic.bigfatdev.com/content.cfm?PageID=84&Cat=0 or go to content.cfm?PageID=84&Cat=0