Lac Vieux Desert Dam to River Rd

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Mile marker signs on maps correspond with actual signs placed on the river. Mile markers are typically located on the right side of the bridges and at portage take out sites.


No signs were placed in the field at these locations but they were placed on the map for reference.

Map 1 Mile 000

- General Description
o Miles 000 - 005 (Lac Vieux Desert dam to USH 45) Upper 2 miles are narrow but passable, typically encounter beaver dams and deadfalls
o Miles 005 - 013 (USH 45 to Rummels Rd) Velocity picks up but the stream twists & turns, may need to walk your canoe through a long stretch of low hazard rapids upstream of Portage Creek
o Miles 013 - 019 (Rummels Rd to Vilas County K) Flow increases & river becomes wider
o Miles 019 - 025 (Vilas County K to River Rd landing) Floodplain broadens and terrain becomes increasingly marshy
with occasional oxbows, current remains moderately fast

- Portages (see portage maps by clicking on the dam symbol)
o Mile 000 - Lac Vieux Desert dam - Short 100' portage around dam
" 3' diameter culvert on West Shore Rd (about 200 yd downstream of the dam) portage across road
o Mile 000-002 Some beaver dams may need to be portaged

- Landings suitable for take-out or put-in
o Mile 000 Access to Lac Vieux Desert and tailwater at the dam portage
o Mile 005 USH 45 boat landing downstream of the bridge (left)
o Mile 013 Rummels Rd landing between vehicle & snowmobile bridges (left)
o Mile 015 Heart Lake Rd undeveloped access (right)
o Mile 019 Boat landing at County K upstream of the bridge (left)
o Mile 025 River Rd landing (left)

- Camping
o USFS Campground on west shore of Lac Vieux Desert with 31 sites
o Mile 013 Vilas County - canoe campsite at Rummels Rd with shelter & toilet (left)
o Mile 023 Vilas County - canoe campsite at Bucktabon Creek with shelter & toilet (left bank of Buckatabon Creek on the right side of the river)
o Mile 025 Vilas County - canoe campsite below River Rd with several tables & toilet (left)
(Vilas County canoe campsites are free of charge for a 24 hr period when traveling by watercraft, all have a picnic table & fire ring, some have toilets provided but no water)

- Other amenities
o Mile 000 - Lac Vieux Desert Park with water, picnic area, & restrooms at the dam
o Mile 005 - Historical marker & wayside with restroom & picnic tables adjoin landing (left)
o Mile 012 - Rohr's Wilderness Tours & private landing (left)
o Mile 019 - Conover ½ mile east on County K (left)

- Flow Information - None available, however trip accounts reveal that if the staff gage in Lac Vieux Desert tailwater reads 0.6' the water is just deep enough to float a canoe.